Thursday, 23 October 2014

New Project: Hundred Years War and Warhammer Bretonnians (WIP)


Our recent test game of Lion Rampant was so entertaining that I decided to find additional medieval retinues to play with. But how could I start something like this without adding further to the great pile of so-far-unused-lead in the basement? But wait... the solution is clear: I shall kill two birds with one Stone!
I have a box with old Citadel Bretonnian miniatures which I have so far never got around to paint up and use in a fantasy game. These guys are meant to form a 3rd or 4th Edition WHFB army and there are enough of them to field two matching retinues for the HYW in Lion Rampant. A quick glance at the army lists tells me I merely need 42 footmen for the English and 18 cavalry plus 24 infantry for the French.

This should not be a problem at all; and I will only have to add a wizard, a more "fantastical" army banner and one or two bombards to finally get my fantasy army going as well. Excellent!

Lion Rampant explicitly does not insist on the use of "official" army lists, and this suits me well. However, since I have not yet done any research on the HYW, and it nicely fits the collection of figures in my box, I will use the Sample Retinues in the rules booklet as my guide. These are the lists I shall work with:

 Later English
  • 1 Foot Men-at-Arms (incl. Leader) @ 6Points
  • 2 Expert Archers @ 12 Points
  • 1 Expert Foot Serjeants @6 Points
  • 2 Mounted Men-at-Arms (incl. Leader) @ 12 Points
  • 1 Mounted Serjeants @ 4 Points
  • 1 Foot Serjeants @ 4 Points
  • 1 Crossbowmen @ 4 Points
I have all the figures I need. They are all wonderful minis designed by the brilliant Alan and Michael Perry. Only my French Mounted Serjeants carry bows in place oflLances, but in LR I feel this detail is negligible and Warhammer games my "Chasseurs de la Mort" will be armed with bows.

 These are the miniatures:

Only a handfull of the models have been added from Wargames Foundry's medieval range, most are old Citadel originals. I will have to strip the paint from one or two models but the rest are all either in mint condition or undercoated. This is a great starting point for my work!

The blister packs show how old some of the figures are!

In the next part I will write about my ideas concerning coats-of-arms and colour schemes for the models.


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